In the world of business startups, impatience should drive you forward, not down.

Writing not on the wall

To keep truckin’… my little secret

Some mornings you need coffee. Sometimes just a good night sleep is all it takes. Some days you need great people around you, others just need coffee really. It’s happened that an alarm clock barely does the trick. DnB however, never failed me!

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Feet, neck and your own well-being

The bee’s knees of trumpet

This track is what made Ten Walls. Topped the charts in 2014 and has been reused over and over since. By producers and also shows as a back drop. The track itself essentially has little to it, except for the deep brass beat. But – what – a – beat. I’m still shaking.

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If you find yourself waiting on govt to help launch a business, perhaps you should reconsider the business. #startups #ditchtherules

Questions asked not answered

The world you live in

I’m not an advocate for a technology-free life. If anything I embrace my fair share of the gadgets and the interweb and the big pipe between Australia and the United States. But I love the blatant sarcasm showed here. Typical Brits?

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